About Me

I love to paint. I’ve been creating art since I was a kid in New Zealand, but my love of painting, especially acrylic painting, only took hold when I went to college in the United States as an adult, and rediscovered the vibrancy and versatility of paint, cementing my love of bold, rich colors, and the ability to create a sense of depth and lusciousness with just the dab of a paintbrush.

I’ve painted a lot of subjects over the years, from landscapes to still life, but my favorite subjects are animals, which I love, and the play of light across a surface.  Whether it be on a building or in an interior space, I’m always fascinated by how light affects color and shape.  The way sunlight falls across wood cladding, the soft glow of candlelight on a tablecloth, or the wash of bold color from a fluorescent sign, I’m drawn to light’s ability to change its surroundings, and make something ordinary seem extraordinary.  And as for animals, they’re beautiful in their own right.  I love the challenge of capturing their personalities and creating an awareness of the mind within, though my horse portraits are more a study of the animal’s physicality, using light to emphasize their beauty and power, harking back yet again to my love of light.

I paint when I can, and at present a sampling of my work can be found at Curated, a fantastic little art and craft store in Tiverton, Rhode Island.  As for me, I currently live in Westport, Massachusetts with two tuxedo kitties, and two of my favorite humans, who keep me sane and happy.